Our privacy policy

How are cookies used?

This website currently does not use cookies for its own purposes. When someone visits this website standard internet log information is collected in text files that may be analysed later.

Visits to this website are also collected using an open analytics platform. This is done in a way which does not personally identify the website visitor and we will not attempt to identify visitors by any means, for example, cross checking with other data sources.

The website analytics are used to improve the website by noting certain attributes such as how and when pages are viewed, which web browser is used, and which search engine or referrer brought the visitor to the website.

If you click on any of the social media icons or links the respective websites will create cookies for their own purpose and operation but we do not use them in any way.

What are cookies?

Cookies on websites can be used for shopping carts, remembering login details to your favourite website, and targeting advertising.

Cookies can be useful in all of these cases but the visitor must have agreed to their use first. Some websites may not work properly without cookies and so the visitor will have to agree to their use if they want to use the website effectively.

Cookies are small text files stored on the visitors computer or device. The website can refer to the cookie for the information it stored until it expires or the visitor removes it.