Primula - a native spring plant

One of our favourite spring plants is Primula vulgaris. It has the most beautiful lemony-yellow flowers that can brighten anyone’s day. It is a native plant and if you are lucky, you might see it when out walking in woodland areas.

The Primula family is very big. There are over 500 species available for us to see and explore. Primula, in Latin, implies that the plant is the first to flower in spring. Their natural habitats are woodlands, alpine slopes and boggy meadows, so when planting Primulas you need to ensure that the soil is rich in hummus - moist but well drained. If the chosen planting area has a tendency to dry out it is recommended you check that it at least stays moist during any prolonged dry spells.

Some varieties need a helping hand with feeding. Use a weak solution of high potash or tomato fertiliser every ten days from the time the buds start to form, right through until after the flowering period ends. Divide the plants every two years immediately after flowering or in early autumn.


Primula Species

Primula Belarina Nectarine is a beautiful double flowering Primula which has flowers that resemble roses. It is easy to grow and very rewarding.

Primula auriculas have distinctive leathery leaves and an array of colours to choose from. They like growing in pots and people tend to keep them on the window-ledge or in an auricular theatre.

Primula sieboldii, also known as Japanese primrose, has beautiful white and pink flowers. This variety grows well at the woodland edge, so it’s best to choose a dappled shaded area and a moist, well draining soil that does not dry out in summer.

Primula candelabra has very distinctive flower heads, layered whorls of flowers and prefers bog gardens, pond edges or stream banks.

These are just a few species available for you to choose from. There are many more.

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