The Sanstec Workshop: Can we fix it?

Those of you who know me well and many more that have kindly spent some time reading my blogs, will have learnt that I am a lover of classic cars. At present I have a small collection that I am restoring in the Sanstec workshop, but my time spent working on these cars and fixing any problems surprisingly presents other solutions.

As we all know there has been a lot written and spoken about the state of the mental health of the population as a result of the pandemic. For me, personally, I have taken some solace and respite from being able to work on my cars. I have always had a passion for classic cars in general, but by far my favourite manufacturer is Ford and I have, over the years, collected many rare Haynes manuals to help me restore these beautiful vehicles. I have found that when I am in the process of fixing a mechanical issue, it gives me the freedom to calm down, and work through other more complex thought processes, whether it may be a business or technical design engineering problem. Many a solution has been discovered with my head under the bonnet, so to speak, because I have found some head space. Sounds strange I know, but for me this is my therapy.

As an engineer I am naturally driven by a desire to find out how things work. This drive for knowledge helps keep me going as I strive to fix literally everything in my pathway. Can we fix it? We certainly can.