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With all the recent technical developments in robotics and AI lately, it is easy to get carried away into a futuristic world where we all retreat from doing what we do best, communicating face to face with one another. Those that know me well appreciate that I like nothing better than having a business meeting over a cup of coffee. So why change?

We all know that our professional time is short, governed by project deadlines etc., but if we cut out the process of meeting and talking a problem through, we may miss an opportunity to find that solution to a niggling problem or physically witnessing the enthusiasm for a new product first-hand.

I can’t hide my excitement from clients when I become enthused about a new invention, or when I begin to work on a new product, I simply enjoy what I do. I thrive when I’m assisting a client solve a technical problem in a practical way, or when I am able to find an efficient and economically effective solution to dealing with a CAD design, user interaction or commercial issue.

If you’re looking for a design engineering partner that isn’t a robot, and you've got an engineering or design challenge that you are facing and need some support, let's have a real chat about it.

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