The MedTech Industry:  Reflections on the last 12 months

So, it has been a little just over a year since our world was turned upside down and we were told to stay at home and not go out. Working in the MedTech industry, and therefore having a genuine interest in this sector has led me to reflect on what has been a really difficult 12 months since the first lock down and how developments have aided our near return to normality.

2020 could be said to have been a real game changer for the MedTech world. It was already generally accepted that the sector was steadily growing over the previous decade, but when Covid hit there was a dramatic shift and emphasis on reliance on technology where there hadn't been before. What seemed to be all of a sudden the marketplace was being saturated with devices such as diagnostic Covid testing kits, anti body testing kits, PPE, split ventilators and new equipment to monitor and track the worsening of Covid symptoms. These of course were all good things to enter the marketplace and they have helped us to manage the situation, of which I am truly thankful.

Behind the scenes there have been many, many industry partnerships and sector grants to aid companies to develop these devices and lots more not mentioned in this blog. With success a little farther up the road ahead, it just leaves me to add that I have had the privilege of utilising my design engineering skills, to aid a number of companies over the many years that I have been in business, to bring various new medical devices to the marketplace. I can’t tell you how I really have relished the challenge of specialising in this area and sincerely hope that Sanstec Design continues to bring new medical devices to the fore for some time to come.