The Customer is King

So after a very long shut down our High Street doors have finally been permitted to open and I’m sure many business owners will be anxious as to whether there will be any customers. In this world where we have been relying on cultivating virtual relationships, the fact remains that the customer is king and is indeed essential if businesses are to remain afloat.

We all understand the importance of placing the customer at the heart of our business, in terms of meeting and exceeding their needs and wants, but the buying power of the customer can be seen as being more crucial than ever. Furthermore, to succeed in keeping a customer’s loyalty at this time can be likened as almost hitting the jackpot.

In our engineering world of business to business transactions people usually come back to us because they know and trust how we will deal with a design and development project or issue that might need resolving. They come to expect a certain standard of client care and service, which hopefully they feel they have received and so will therefore continue to return year after year.

Being a customer and possessing the buyer power, is an important role to have at any time, but at present where you spend your money can have consequences. So I’m off now to kickstart my local economy by buying my first coffee and cake for a while, from my local coffee shop.