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As a supplier of design and development services for over 25 years, we appreciate that providing great customer service is not rocket science. At its most basic level, it’s all about listening to customers’ needs and wants, meeting deadlines and expectations. Once you enter into a relationship with a client you are promising to deliver these basic needs, with the hope and aim that a positive experience will lead to another opportunity.

Of course, like many suppliers we are constantly looking at ways where we don’t simply deliver, but exceed expectations and provide the ‘wow factor’. For example, we will create a design team to support our client, whether that involves placing contractors in the offices of our client or working remotely at our own premises. We will also use the most appropriate version of CAD to suit our client’s needs and keep many versions of the software to service this requirement.

A client-supplier relationship is primarily built on trust and reliability. Trust to provide the work to a satisfactory standard and completed at an agreed time. We recognise that in order to aid our client achieve their design goals, there should be a dynamic flow of communication between the two parties.

We may not have been involved in creating a rocket, but we are well versed in realising that great customer service is not rocket science. As a design engineering facilitator we will work collaboratively with our client and any other parties, to reach the desired outcome. After all, the perception of our design engineering service, is critical to survival of our business.

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