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Recently, I was investigating some issues with a changing quality of reception being received with the portable radio in our kitchen. It seems that the distortion has increased quite a lot on some stations since we had the kitchen re-built at the beginning of the year, after the removal of what was originally installed in the house.

Interference can occur and build up for a number of reasons. Typically, that being materials blocking and shielding the incoming signal, as well as wiring changes and the variation and installation of various devices and 'gadgets', to name but a few. The changes we've experienced in being able to listen to what we want on the radio at home, makes me draw comparisons with this situation being essentially similar to our own commercial design engineering circumstances. In that, we are in the business of constantly analysing whether we are properly in harmony with what's being received.

We, therefore, necessarily spend a lot of time adapting the method of receiving the correct signals from our clients and customers, demonstrated by using the analogy of 'getting on the same wavelength as them' to ensure that we are 'in tune' with them. Furthermore, the communication signals that we receive are not distorted in any shape or form, thus ensuring that we are doing what they need.

If you need someone who can listen to what it is that you need, then get in touch, so that we can enable you to achieve what you really want.

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