Not Going Out: The New Normal


Before the recent crisis, you might have thought I was making reference to the TV hit show which shares the same name as this blog. The “new normal”, who would have thought a few weeks back we would be told to stay home and not go out, unless for emergencies or one session of daily exercise?

Whilst we’re still all trying to get used to living in isolation and coping with new routines, just trying to get by day to day, can be a struggle. The change to our daily lives has shifted our focus which has become narrower to just satisfying our very basic needs of food whilst maintaining a healthy body and mind. After realising that, nothing else really matters.

But we are social animals and it’s hard not to be interacting with others, so we’re finding it more important than ever to keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Like many others, we’re not going out; we’re trying to maintain the right balance in our lives. So if you need any engineering support during this time, just drop us a line as we’re not going out.