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Questions, questions, questions. As a mechanical design engineer, I am expected to ask lots and lots of questions. The who, what, where, when, why and how. All of these, and more, will need answering, in order to gather sufficient technical information before commencing a new design and development project.

The core of a design engineer’s role is to be involved in the creation of a new product, essentially moving the development of the part or product forward to the engineering stage. But the skill required is to be self-disciplined in examining complex designs and apply careful thinking in order to generate concepts that can be made into physical prototypes for eventual production. It is, therefore, an absolute necessity for an engineer to question everything, in order to be in a position to make appropriate suggestions for change at every stage of the development cycle.

So, yes, you most definitely will hear me ask countless questions, such as, “how is it expected to work?”, “what materials are going to be used?”, “when does it need to be completed”, “where is the CAD data held?”, and “why is it set up in this way?”. But once the responses have been received and understood, I will surely be in a position to engineer you with an answer by completing my part in the process which delivers your product to the marketplace.

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