Hitting the spot

Our weekly blog chatter, #SanstecStories, has been published across our varied Sanstec Design social platforms and web pages for some time now. As with any PR or marketing communication, we are naturally aiming for the most appropriate message and tone of voice for each piece of content we produce.

Our original content has therefore been carefully written with the intention of creating both thought-provoking and entertaining short, snappy pieces without including too much waffle or engineering jargon. We certainly hope that some of what we have had to say has been of interest, made you think, smile, or laugh, especially during the long Covid lockdown period.

We have definitely tried to maintain a good balance of engineering topics for our more technical followers, that showcases our mechanical design engineering knowledge and manufacturing skill set, with more generic subject matters for those non engineering followers out there. We would like to thank everybody who has taken the time to glance at or read intently our pieces and especially those who have liked, shared and left a comment or two. It hopefully indicates that we may just be getting the balance right, and as we continue to write this and draft the next few pieces, we trust we will continue to hit the right spot with you, our listeners.

Like what you read? Please get in touch, to ask questions or suggest content or/and particularly give us a like/thumbs up/follow us, so that you are kept up to date with future #SanstecStories.