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Working as a CAD design engineer and being involved in the creation of new products, you naturally ponder from time to time the relentless pressure there is on a new product development team to invent the next best thing. Following in the footsteps of those famous inventors from centuries passed, it seems natural to question how they have all managed to create that so-called light bulb moment?

Taking the history of the light bulb into consideration, it is interesting to read there were a number of inventors competing to invent this product and bring the world into the light, so to speak. It, however, took some years before Thomas Edison patented his light bulb and subsequently set up a company to manufacture it. Thus giving the light bulb its commercial potential, which is, of course, what successful engineering is all about. Inventing is not simply creating a new out of the box idea, but the birth of a concept that can be efficiently and effectively developed, produced, marketed and sold to the end client. Thereby achieving a viable development cycle.

Unsurprisingly, there was a patent war which rings true today on the importance of patenting a new invention and, more importantly, wording it just so, to protect an idea. Over the years, we have assisted clients with developing patents and have particular experience in searching for patent documentation for issued or pending patents to ensure that the product does not infringe on any other intellectual property. So we appreciate how pivotal it is that a patent details the invention and your light bulb moment is adequately protected.

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