Creating the wheel

It is generally acknowledged that not one person was attributed with having the original idea for the wheel, but was an invention developed over a period of time. It is hard to imagine life without it now, although the design has evolved, having been adapted to serve different needs.

This concept got me thinking generally about the engineering design process, which has similarities with this process. Like the creation of the wheel, with design engineering, there are a series of steps to follow in order to create an end product that functions to serve a designated purpose for the consumer. In parallel with the development of the wheel, some stages of the modern day design process will most likely need to be repeated, sometimes over and over, to fine tune the concept, so the product serves the end users requirements.

Nowadays the wheel takes many forms and there are numerous patents protecting these designs. If you find yourself trying to create the wheel and need help with any part of the design process, such as CAD drawings, testing or product prototyping, then why not give us a call?