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For those of you old enough to remember, 2-4-6-8 was a 1977 hit for the Tom Robinson Band. For some reason, as we leave the festive season behind us and head into 2024 I can’t seem to shake this song and melody from my head. It’s possibly because we have been focusing on our strategy and ambitions for the New Year.

Just like the lyrics of this song, I can draw some parallels with my own design engineering business, Sanstec Design, and our plans for the year ahead. Like many other small businesses, our aim is to simply continue driving forward at a steady pace and to keep on the road we’ve been travelling now for a while. We expect that not everything will be straightforward, with a few pot holes here and there to avoid and some “trucking on through the night”, in the form of nocturnal CAD design activities, to deal with, I’m sure. But whatever lies ahead, as always, we will be as ready as is practically possible.

Happy 2024 folks!

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