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Alastair Sanderson

Sanstec, originally as a single company, was started over 25 years ago by Alastair Sanderson, an accomplished problem solver, enthusiastic innovator and committed entrepreneur.

Initially as a skilled and creative mechanical design engineer, specialising in the application and utilisation of CAD and CAE, Alastair thrives on creative problem solving within a technical environment and the need to efficiently and economically find and implement solutions though the creative development cycle that resolves challenges of design function, user interaction and commercial feasibility.

Often working within an integrated team, Alastair has tried not to get too specialized in any one pure discipline and therefore become over regulated by accepted practice. He has therefore continued to be adaptable and have a creative but practical approach, when approaching design and development challenges.

Alastair is following his vision to create a diverse portfolio of services from his love of all things technical to search for synergy between complimentary business offerings to achieve exceptional results through idea and innovation application and Sanstec is the umbrella for these interests and activites.